Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Review: Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Review: Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Review: Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Lost Cherry

Eau de parfum

Lost Cherry
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Tom Ford Lost Cherry
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“Like the plump fruit waiting to be eaten, Lost Cherry is powerful and insatiable." - Tom Ford

Key takeaways

• Tom Ford Lost Cherry was released in 2018 as part of the Private Blend line of fragrances

• The spicy scent type fragrance is described as candy over luscious flesh - innocence and indulgence

• Opening with a big sour cherry and almond burst, slightly medicinal, and the base of balsams and woods tampers down the brashness of that open

• Notes include exotic black cherry, cherry liqueur, bitter almond drip, griotte sirup, turkish rose, jasmine sambac, peru balsam, roasted tonka bean , sandalwood , vetiver , cedar

An In-Depth Look at Tom Ford's Lost Cherry Fragrance

For those looking for an indulgent, sophisticated fragrance that captures the essence of innocence and indulgence, look no further than Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry fragrance. This unique scent was released in 2018 as part of the Private Blend line and is sure to capture your attention with its big burst of cherry and almond. Let’s explore this complex perfume further and discover why it has become a fan favourite in such a short period.

Notes - Cherry Liqueur and more

The secret to the success of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry lies in its composition. The fragrance consists of top notes of black cherry, cherry liqueur, and bitter almond; middle notes include griotte sirup, Turkish rose, and jasmine sambac; and base notes consist of Peru balsam, roasted tonka bean, sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar. Immediately upon the first inhale, the opening is undeniably bold and vibrant, demanding attention.

Its complexity reaches beyond simply cherry and almond notes. Slightly medicinal undertones lay a foundation that keeps their sweetness in check with a hint of sharpness. Once the brashness begins to wane, it reveals musky balsams and woods providing further depth to its overall character. Bringing balance to the forefront is an inviting medley sure to please any experienced nose.

Origin Story - An Amber Floral Fragrance

Tom Ford created the Lost Cherry fragrance with inspiration from his childhood memories. He wanted to capture the sense of innocence associated with his childhood in Texas while also creating something distinctly modern and adult-like. The result was a unique blend that celebrates both nostalgia and sophistication.

Historical/Cultural Context

It can be argued that Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry eau de parfum is perfectly suited for today’s culture as it encapsulates two important trends – nostalgia for one’s childhood combined with adult sophistication. It is also interesting to note how this perfume works as an extension of the classic “cherry blossoms” trend – which has seen a resurgence in popularity over recent years – but with a twist thanks to its combination of modern notes such as roasted tonka bean and jasmine sambac.

Uses & Benefits

This fragrance, presented in a deep cherry red bottle, is best suited for nighttime wear due to its strong aroma but can also work well during the day if used sparingly or layered with lighter fragrances such as citrus scents or floral bouquets. In terms of benefits, this scent can help boost confidence by providing wearers with a feeling of strength, power, and sophistication – perfect for special occasions or business meetings!

Conclusion - Tom Ford, Lost Cherry

All in all Tom Ford's Lost Cherry provides an intriguing blend between childish innocence and mature indulgence - making it an ideal choice for those wanting something unique yet timelessly attractive when it comes to their scent selection. With its complex blend of ingredients combined with nostalgic undertones - plus potential benefits such as boosting confidence - there's no wonder why Tom Ford's Lost Cherry has become so popular since its release! Whether you're heading out on a romantic date or attending an important business meeting - make sure you add this luxurious scent to your collection!

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