Parfums De Marly Pegasus

Review: Parfums De Marly Pegasus

Review: Parfums De Marly Pegasus

Review: Parfums De Marly Pegasus


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Perfume: Pegasus Parfums de Marly was created in 1988 by the company's founder, Jean-Claude Ellena. The name Pegasus comes from a Greek mythological creature

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Parfums De Marly Pegasus
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Perfume: All about Pegasus by Parfums de Marly

Pegasus perfumes are high-end products created by passionate fragrance specialists. They do not hesitate to undertake long research to create the most complex compositions, often using many rare materials. Among these materials, we find musk, civet or honey. If you are an exceptionally talented perfumer, it may be time to take the plunge and create your own perfume. Pegasus perfumes are the perfect solution for any adventure lover. And if you're still not convinced, here are some helpful tips to get you started on the right vibes...

The history and inspiration of Pegasus Parfums de Marly

Pegasus Parfums de Marly was created in 1988 by the company's founder, Jean-Claude Ellena. The name Pegasus comes from a Greek mythological creature, which is said to be "pure gold". This creature is so powerful that it has golden wings and can fly faster than anything on earth. In their first decade of creation, Pegasus Parfums de Marly created 8 fragrances that are still sold today: Citrus (1988), Zephyrus (1990), Cocoa (1992), Ruby (1994), Narcissus (1996), Black Orchid (1998), Sun King (1999) and Opium (2002). The Roi Soleil men's fragrance was launched in 1999 under the direction of Jean-Claude Ellena. In 2001, the company developed a new fragrance for women called Eau d'Ambre. In 2003, the company launched its first eaux de toilette and began experimenting with new materials like ambergris and vanilla. That same year, it launched its first miniature perfume containing an atomizer in its bottle. In 2004, they introduced a new line called Green Collection composed of three products: Eau d'Homme, Eau Fraicheur and Homme Soir.

Pegasus Parfums de Marly's best-selling perfumes

Pegasus is a French luxury perfumery created by Bertrand Duchaufour and his wife Sophie. They are the most renowned perfumers in France, with an impressive track record of over 200 years. The company offers two distinct collections: "Parfums de Fleurs" and "Elypse". The first collection includes complex compositions that are often created by fusing different notes from different flowers. The second is composed of more wearable fragrances, sometimes with floral notes but more often with woody notes. These scents are more accessible to those who want to wear them for special occasions or during their daily activities. As you can imagine, these fragrances make great gifts for any occasion; they are also very popular among celebrities and people at the top of the social ladder! If you are looking for something unusual and out of the ordinary, check out Pegasus Parfums de Marly...

Pegasus Parfums de Marly for men: Guide to the brand's men's fragrances

The brand's fragrances all have a masculine, elegant and sensual profile. They are characterized by an intense scent that can be perceived as strong, but with great subtlety. In the company's range we find perfumes that are perfect for everyday use, or more opulent and refined fragrances for special occasions. Pegasus offers 3 retail formats: 50 ml Eau de Toilette (EDT) 100 ml EDT and 200 ml eau de parfum (EDP). The 50 ml EDT is perfect for a quick application on the way to work or during a short break. The 100 ml bottle is the perfect size to carry in your bag or jacket pocket. And finally, if you're looking to give something extra special to your loved ones, choose the 200 ml version of the perfume.

Pegasus Parfums de Marly for women: Guide to the brand's women's fragrances

Pegasus Parfums de Marly perfumes are made for women and are the perfect solution for any adventurous woman. Whether you're an adventurer by day or a night owl, wearing your own perfume is an art in itself.

Discover the art of fragrance layering with Pegasus Parfums de Marly.

The art of fragrance layering is not easy. You have to understand how fragrances interact with each other and how they change over time. If you're interested in experimenting with fragrance layering, Pegasus Parfums de Marly has a range of products to help you get started. Pegasus Parfums has several types of fragrances, including:

  • Eau de parfum
  • Eau de toilette
  • Eau de cologne

Pegasus perfumes have a distinctive character and an epic story behind them.

Pegasus fragrances have a distinctive character and an epic story behind them. If you're looking for something new and different, you can't go wrong with any of these fragrances. Pegasus fragrances are not the easiest to find. Most local department stores only carry a few, but there's still hope! There is a wide range of Pegasus fragrances around the world in high-end boutiques, spas and retailers such as Reiss, Barney's Co-Op, Net-a-Porter and Nordstrom. They also have their own website where you can shop online or find more information about each fragrance.

Pegasus fragrances are complex fragrances on many levels. They are not all the same.

Not all Pegasus perfumes are the same. Because of the complexity of their compositions, many have a base note that is difficult for most people to identify. This is one of the reasons why these fragrances are worth trying. If you're not sure about the notes in your perfume, try this: If you don't like the smell of your perfume in the first few hours, consider waiting a few days before giving it up and buying something else. Most perfumes start to smell strong when they dry. But sometimes you don't realize it until it's too late! To help you identify the notes in your perfume, check out a perfume catalog or ask someone who knows what they are talking about. You can also take my advice and ask the experts at Parfums De Marly for help!

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